Brief Description

Nitin Singla
President & CEO
OPUS Collections Inc.

Message From CEO

The OPUS Collections Inc is a leading manufacturer of window blinds to the various segment; its products are specified regularly for use in the retail and commercial environment. The OPUS Collections extensive portfolio enables it to be perfectly placed to meet the stringent demands of the market domestic and worldwide.

"Wintree" brand within the group is a leader within its own market sector, offering design and latest products that are respected and admired by domestic and international builders, architectures and purchasers.

The in-house design studios facilitate the undertaking of individual commissions for special designs, qualities and quantities, including customization as per customer specifications.

Our promise is to maintain levels of excellence in design, innovation, and quality and, in particular, customer service. As a continuing Chief Executive Officer, 'I believe strongly that all customers should, and can, expect a commitment to excellence from OPUS Collections members.'

At OPUS Collections, every care is taken in the development of our product to ensure that the exacting requirements of the market are met.Especially customization for retail and commercial production runs are a key area of our product offering, whether this is adapting an already existing product and design, or developing new design concepts to fulfil the required brief.